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There is Nothing New Here. March 8, 2009

Posted by claudemontgomery in Claude's Story.

Internet search engines have proven to me that there aren’t many completely new ideas or experiences being expressed in our world today.  With the billions and billions of souls that have inhabited earth, this makes sense.  What are the chances that someone else hasn’t already had my great idea?  Or that no one else has experienced something that we feel is unique in our own lives.  This doesn’t mean that there are no new ideas nor does it mean that an old idea isn’t worth re-stating, exploring and expanding.

These days, we can find ideas and thoughts on just about any subject with a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse.  And for everything we find in the vast expanse of the relatively young internet, there are trillions of things on every subject that have yet to make it to the web and be indexed.  Nothing in recent history has more potential to change the world than this young invention.

With a widely accessible anonymous forum like the internet, seemingly isolated ideas and life experiences can be fearlessly discussed and explored.  In the past, a person having an obscure experience was more likely to hide in shame than to expose him or herself to the brutality of humankind’s judgement.   

And so over the centuries, we have depended on a few courageous figures to blaze our trails.  These leaders have emerged only seasonally throughout history to help us reach new heights.  Because of this, it has been a slow, arduous evolution from the cavernous hells of torture, slavery and other abominations that have littered the history of humanity.  Now things are changing.

It is exactly the openness of this novel forum that has brought me here.  The specific words and ideas that I will write and you will read here have never appeared anywhere else in exactly this form.  Yet, there is nothing new to this old world here.  Throughout the ages, people before me have played with these ideas and experiences in greater depth than I.  The wisdom and error of my teachers lives in me and in my words as well.  Let’s see what unfolds.



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